Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Girl

Callie is a NEW girl! She was diagnosed with pneumonia last Wednesday. Poor Callie was not doing well. Thankfully she was not to bad and was able to stay home. By Monday you would not even know she was sick. Due to her being sick they canceled her surgery for ear tubes. They would like her healthy for 4-6 weeks before the surgery. Also, she got her BiPAP (breathing machine for sleep apnea) on Friday. The first night she slept 9 hours straight! That brought tears to my eyes. Saturday she did not think sleep was quick as important 4 hours and she was good to go. Last night she slept 11 hours straight. I was so impressed! It is amazing the difference in Callie. She is so well rested. She has so much energy.. and she is full of it! Tonight she learned a fun trick.. trying to fall on her butt from a stand. She thought it was quite funny. I have never seen her so silly.

As for her doctors appointment and results from on her tests... well we still don't have many answers. Our doctor is checking with a few other doctors and we will be going to Madison at the end of the month to meet a pediatric pulmonologist. Hopefully we will have more information soon.

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