Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where does time go?

It has been a long time since I have posted. The great news is I have been busy with Shared Blessing, Inc which is why I have not wrote much lately. I decided I needed to take a quick break and get back on track with the blog too.
Where has time gone. I feel like the summer is flying by. Zak did 6 weeks of summer school and was able to swim at school for an hour each day. He is a BIG fish! He has been progressing so much. We have a pool at home now too. Zak cannot touch as it is 4 feet deep. We put him in the floating and he swims on his own. My brother got to see him and was so surprised how well he does. He makes us so Proud how well he has come.

Callie is still a little spit fire. She has taken up crawling a little bit. She will take several steps in a row now. She does not do it often but a little bit each day. Soon she will be all over the house. I cannot wait! She too likes the pool. Not quite as much as Zak, but she enjoys herself. This is her first year in a big pool. At the beginning she would cry when she got in (which she does with a bath too, so no big surprise). Now it is all of 30 seconds and she is happy. She loves to splash and spin in circles. We too are so proud of how well she is doing.

As for medical thankfully that has gotten better in comparison to the beginning of the year. Callie did have her 3rd eye surgery for the ptosis (lazy eyelid) which the surgery itself was a success, however she did get MRSA (Staph infection very had to treat with first line antibiotics) in one of the incisions above her eyebrow. With the antibiotics that she had to be on to treat the infection she ended up with c-diff (severe diarrhea and other intestinal disease when competing bacteria in the stomach flora have been wiped out by antibiotics.). This was an ongoing issues for about a month and a half and thankfully is doing great now.
As for Zak, he had some retesting done for is immunity and is being watched for an antibody disorder. His levels were low therefore they gave him an injection which raised them and retested again. He responded well and his levels did increase. They will retest him again in a year and see how he does. Also, he had an adult tooth come in behind a baby tooth. We all wiggled it as much as possible and it just was not coming out. The dentist had to finally pull it just to get it out. He did amazing with it and did not even cry once.

This coming week will be a travel to Milwaukee for Callie. It was determined through her sleep study, scope and CT that she has a deviated septum and the surgery she had a birth for Coanal Atresia (nasal airway closed) is starting to close again on her right nostril. We are not sure what all that means yet so we are going to see a new doctor in Milwaukee that specializes in this. They will so a much more detailed CT scan and then we will meet with him. Tuesday we spend the day in Marshfield with both kids as they have their annual special needs clinic where they meet with several doctors and therapists to be sure we are following the proper care plan for each child and receiving the correct therapies. They also determine if they have any other medical needs or equipment needs. As much as I hate it since it becomes very apparent what additional needs they do have, it is very helpful to have a whole team working together to make sure we are getting the proper treatments for both kids.

Stay tuned - I hope to be better with my posts!

As for Shared Blessings, Inc. Lots of very exciting things happening. The Board has been very busy meeting trying to get all the paper work done to actually open the doors this fall. We have an amazing group of very diverse individuals on the board. We have started a Facebook page ( search for Shared Blessings, Inc). We are starting to work on a Fundraiser for the fall/winter. Watch for more details to come. The non-profit application is complete and ready to be mailed out. If you want more information on helping or being involved with Shared Blessings, Inc. please send me an e-mail at

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