Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Longer stay

Day 18 -

We are still at the hospital - it has been a long draining stay. So far Callie is infection free, however her inflammation levels have been elevated and unsure why. On Monday they switched out Callie's temporary drain for another temp. Thankfully with that change her inflammation levels decreased and today they are putting back in a permanent shunt.

This marks our second year in the hospital celebrating with Gillette! They sure know how to do Halloween here so I decided we need to make this a tradition - next year we will have to plan a clinic visit just so we aren't stuck in the hospital!

Over all Callie has really been doing great. She is in very good spirits and has great staff around her. We have been very grateful for the many visitors, support and prayers! With any luck we will be home tomorrow with our family again!

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