Friday, August 28, 2009

What a week

Zak had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday. Thankfully this time we did not have to be at the hospital at 6am. Check in was at 8:15. It was hard watching him play having a great time and having no clue what was about to happen to him. The next time we see him he will be miserable. They also did an echo on his heart at the same time. We should get the results on Monday as our doctor was out of the office. They believe his heart has gotten better, so this was just to confirm. The surgery was about 15 min and the doctor was happy how everything went. Zak stayed 1 night in the PICU for recovery. Chris hung out at the hospital while Annie went to work on Wednesday and Callie's doctors.

Callie had her follow up with the neurosurgeon and an ultrasound on Wednesday. She will be having an MRI to determine if the surgery worked or not since we could not get enough information from the ultrasound. There is only a 50% success rate with her surgery. If it did not work we will be having a shunt put in. Shortly after her appointment she started to fuss and would not calm again. She started to get her twitching episodes. This lasted until bed time when she finally got a little rest. Only to start acting up again on Thursday. We ending up taking her into the clinic and had and EEG done on her brain to see if it was seizures. She had been tested in the past, however since this was actively going on they wanted to test again. Thankfully it was negative, but still no answers. After screaming from 7a-4p she finally calmed about 15 min to start up again. She was on and off in the evening and throughout the night. Finally Friday morning she stated to eat again and was happy and very tired.

On top of all this.. as if it was not enough for one week. We looked at Zak's eye and thought it was swollen. 2 days after surgery it still did not look better and we realized the eye surgery snapped. AHHH.. seriously, we just need a break. So we called the eye doctor and we go in on Tuesday. We are pretty certain this will mean another surgery to fix it.

Next week will be full of appointments - Zak has eye and follow up with ENT from surgery. Callie has a weight check and MRI. We also meet with Callie's speech therapist. It is one of the same one's Zak had when he was in B-3. This will be Callie's first appointment. Watch for all of our followups.

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