Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pickling is done.. all that is left is the beans. Yesterday Kathy, Dan, Chris and Annie pickled Zucchini. We did not know what to do with all of it in the garden and a guy at Annie's work had pickled some and let us try it. It was awesome. Beans are next weekend and then we are done for the year.

Zak is still under the weather. His oxygen stats were a bit low over night so we took him to walk in this morning. Determined he had pneumonia. The doctor looked at the x-rays and thought they looked fine. He still is not eating but thought that was normal as his throat is still swollen. An hour later they called and the radiologist looked at the x-ray and he does have pneumonia in his right lung. Just as we thought. It is pretty bad when we know he has pheumonia! Now we are on antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. Just after we got home from the clinic he started in with diarrhea. Too much pedisure from not eating. We know it will only get worse from the antibiotics.. poor boy.

Callie had a fairly good day, keeping mom and dad busy feeding her. We won't complain though. We always like the uneventful days.

Chris was busy this afternoon. He joined a football draft and was able to pick his players for his team "no idea". He is hoping to have a good year as this is a nice getaway from all the typical days stress.

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  1. We are keeping Zak and Callie in our daily prayers.
    Never heard of pickling zucchini but it sure sounds interesting. I might have to search a recipe on the net.
    Have a great week - Thom and Cheryl

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