Monday, January 25, 2010

A Night Away

Many thanks to the people that made this possible! (you know who you are.. and if you are not sure, you probably are one of those people)

Our whole house came down with a cold.. tis the season. Then the Freezing rain was suppose to come. Either way we were bound and determined it was not going to ruin a night away.. without the kids. Yes you read that right. This is the first time since Zak was been born, and even longer than that, that Chris and I went out without kids for a whole night. Every time we had the ability prior (meaning Chris's parents watched Zak) we just went home and to bed! We anxiously awaited for the weekend to finally come. We had our team of nurses at home taking care of the kids. We went to see Avatar in 3D, It was a great movie. I highly recommend it in 3D, it added so much more. Either way it is worth seeing. Then we checked into a local hotel and relaxed for a bit and went shopping and off to dinner. We were able to take our time knowing we did not need to answer to anyone for the night. Of course we did need to call and check in on the kids. We were able to just sit in the hot tub at the hotel and chill out! Sunday we slept in and watched a little TV and then went out to breakfast! It was so nice just to get away and just spend time together alone. Although I was defiantly ready to see the kids, snuggle and play all day.

Sunday was spent Chasing after Zak's toys.. his box of balls. I got a delivery Sat morning from I figured Zak would like to play in the box. Then I realized I still had a bag of balls so I put them in the box. Zak had fun playing in there until he realized that it was more fun to dump it over and have Mom pick up 100 balls all over the floor. He would just laugh. Then I would laugh. Needless to say it was a mess, but we had fun!

Callie spent her time practicing on Standing and sitting. She sure is doing well. She makes it known when she would rather stand by not letting you bend her to sit. It is so cute!

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