Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trip to Madison

We went to Madison yesterday for Callie to see a new neurologist. We were thinking her twitching had got better until the 30th. They started back up and did not stop for 3 days. It was a good thing we still had the anointment. The doctor does not believe they are seizures which was great to hear. He is thinking she may have headaches or even migraines. He gave us a new medication to try. It will take a few weeks before it starts to work, but hopefully it will do the trick. Time will tell.
Zak has been doing good. Back to school after being off for a few weeks. Tuesday he slept all day and by Wednesday night he was all caught up he did not sleep last night but 2 hours.

Can you find Callie??

Zak Sleeping the day away.. isn't he so cute on the couch?
Zak helping open gifts.

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