Monday, March 8, 2010

Vision Conference

It was Callie's first night away from the house (that was not a hospital) Big Steps! We were off to a vision conference in Stevens Point for Birth to 6 year olds. The state puts this conference on each year and the staff does an amazing job.

We took the kids with us on Friday night, Grandma and grandpa came to help. Sat they went home and we had a night of sleep! We had a parent night to get to know others on Friday. Sat was a packed day 7a-8p with meetings and sessions non stop. Each year we always learn something new. I could go on for hours talking about resources, networking, therapy and many many more things we always take away. Chris made the comment while we were there "look how far we have come." I still remember the first year going and it was such an eye opener. We actually fit in. It was the first time I was really around families that understood our life. I was a bit quiet and reserved. Now we are the experienced ones saying hello to all the faces we recognize and being very vocal. Wow how things can change.
A huge Thank you to the Janesville team that makes the conference a huge I success.
I could not resist posting these pictures.. Zak loves spoons. He enjoys playing with them. Daddy and Zak were goofing around at the dinner table :)

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