Monday, March 8, 2010

Visit to School

Friday was a wonderful day! I was able to go to school with Zak for his Parent Play date. I got to see what he has been doing and get some good ideas of what to work on at home. It was fun to see him with the other kids.

Then we went to see his new school. I am very excited - I was so nervous about the change, however Chris and I decided he needed to go to kindergarten. I am so excited now. The teacher and aids are extremely nice and seem very knowledgeable. I was shown around the whole school. The central office for the therapists is across the hall from his class room. He will be enrolled in a cognitive Disability Class and I think he will fit in great. There are children of different ages and different abilities. I think they will all compliment each other well. When we arrived it was cooking class and they were making puppy chow (the chex mix with the peanut butter and chocolate and powder sugar). They even had Zak help with shaking the bag. It was so fun to see. He seemed to like it. The teacher even let me know of a summer program that is 6 weeks long and Zak will even get to go swimming. I am excited for him to have some activities this summer.

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