Monday, April 12, 2010

House work

The weekend was full of projects around the house! Saturday was spent outside! It was perfect working weather, I even got a burn! I should have known better too. We dug out all the raspberries in our planter and moved them to Mom and Dad's house. There must have been 30 plants. We should have counted! To think we planted 5 of them 2 years ago. Hopefully most of them will make it and we will have lots of berries. Then we put out the fountain and re mulched. It looks so nice. We also put up the trampoline for the first time in 5 years! (Since Zak was born.) It was fun to bounce, I forgot how good of a work out you can get. Zak bounced too! At first he hated it. Granted he hates the outdoors most of the time. Then he got into it and started to laugh. Sammi also got her turn. I really need to video tape her and send it to Americas Funniest Video. I cannot stop laughing. She pounces, must think something is under her.

Sunday was full of indoor projects! We finished our painting in the basement. All of the Ugly Yellow striped paneling is gone! More toys have been put away, the basement is all clean –ok well mostly clean.

We lost more fish! Seriously, I cannot keep fish alive. I am thinking it is time for the tank to be sold. We just bought 8 new fish since we were down to 1 and he was lonely. One of them brought Ick to the tank. We lost “Old Guy” that was the one we have had for a while and needed a friend. All the tetras and now have 3 guppies. Anyone want fish? We originally got the tank from winning Fair Fish – They were Zak’s fish. I love to sit and watch them, it is relaxing, but the headache they bring is really not worth it. Zak will look at the tank, but he would rather stick his hand in.

Last night Zak came down with a cold.. bummer. We were doing so well too. I hear it is really going around. Seems like everyone has a sick child. I guess we were doomed. He had a horrible night, poor guy. Snot everywhere! Probably no school tomorrow. The nurses at home were busy cleaning all the toys today! I pray Callie does not get it and Zak can get healthy quickly without any doctor visits.

We also had Callie into the clinic again today. Her feeding tube site is getting more red. I remember going through these stages with Zak when his site was new too. I am actually surprised the site has been doing so well. It has been 5 months since her surgery. So much for our Month of April without Doctors. We knew it was bound to happen. So she has a pretty bad infection. The Doctor said if it does not get much better soon we will be in Marshfield with IV antibiotics. We pray it heals soon! Also her right ear tube fell out at the clinic so we kept it. It is so tiny! Smaller then the typically since she was only 7lb when it was put in. Also she has a double ear infection! WOW. Poor little girl, she really does not act miserable, but she has to be.

This weekend we have some very close friends coming to visit from MN. I hope our kids are healthy enough for them to come. It sounds like they will be here either way. They have 4 kids, so between their family activities, sports, church and our kids with illness and hospital visits it is so hard to get together. We miss them and cannot wait to see everyone. This past weekend when we were cleaning we found pictures of the kids when they were probably 3 or 4 years old.. now they are 11 and 13. Wow how kids grow so quickly!

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