Monday, April 19, 2010

A Weekend.. not as planned

We were looking forward to a nice weekend with our friends from Minnesota. Finally a weekend to spend with each other just catching up. I warned them early in the week the kids were sick. Everyone knows us... if someone is sick you better tell us. The last thing we want is a cold. I just assume everyone gets sick as easily as the kids. They said no matter what they will be coming. I could not wait. Unfortunately, on Friday Chris was feeling terrible and decided he better go into walk in. Determined it was just a sinus infection. Come to find out he had a case of strep and double ear infection. OH MY! My first thought, my poor husband. Immediately followed by sadness. There was no way the weekend was going to happen and I sure hope it is not spent running the kids to the clinic. This was the first time since Zak was born strep was in the house. I had no idea if he would get it not having tonsils anymore. Thank god - as he was watching over us! Zak seems to still be doing well (just at the tail end of his cold). Callie was already on antibiotics so hopefully she won't get it and if she does the antibiotic covered it. So needless to say the weekend has been spent cleaning the germs. Today the nurses spent the day cleaning toys again. Hopefully we can beat this one. And ya know I must say. Chris does not get sick often, but when he is sick and I am not you know it is bad.
So Sunday I spent the morning at a coffee shop putting some things together with a close friend. Then I went home and putzed around the house. I bent over and my whole back just gave out. It has been a while since that happened. The worst part. I could not even lift Callie.. which meant not even a chance with Zak. UGH! Do you know how hard it is to lift a 32 pound child when you cannot bend. Thankfully I was able to get into the chiropractor today and I already feel better. I guess there comes a point when your body can only handle so much before another adjustment it needed. I just love the chiropractor!

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  1. Oh Annie, so sorry your weekend didn't go as planned. Happy to hear the kids are doing okay though. Sure hope Chris is feeling better soon.