Thursday, June 17, 2010

A day with Old Friends!

We got to see Friends yesterday that we have not seen in 3 years!! It was great to finally see them again. We made the drive with the kids and Cousin Angie to North Dakota. The kids did well on the drive out, Callie was very excited to get out of the Car seat and stretch her legs (that pic is on my other camera - I will post soon). The 7 1/2 hour drive took 10 with the breaks, but we made it.

Pool time with the Boys - Travis holding Zak and Brady and Chris playing catch.

Travis and Zak

Angie and Callie - I love the swim suit

Cale Playing Catch with Travis and Zak

And my Favorite! Brady Holding Callie. He just loved her, it was so cute.

Let us know what you think.. we love to hear from you!

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  1. We had a wonderful time with you guys also. I love the picutes of the kids you took. Brady just loved being with Callie and Cale had fun also when he got use to Zak and Callie. Thanks for a fun evening. Amber