Monday, June 14, 2010

Where do the days go?

Summer is here and we are all busy. Sometimes I am not sure where the time even goes. When I sit down to blog and a week has gone by I think what have we been busy doing and where has the time gone?

Zak started his first day of summer school today! He gets to go swimming each day, how exciting. The report I got was he had a great time. School will be 6 weeks long with lots of swimming and fun activities.

The weekend was spent trying to catch up. Running the errands that never happen and just spending some time with the kids. Yesterday Chris was able to get out Fishing for the first time in Years! He even caught some fish, but released them all. I stayed home with the kids and we watched the new Alice and Wonderland Movie.

Zak has been working on playing nice with Callie. His new thing is to grab her hands and feet and put them in his mouth. Her little fingers must taste much better than his. I always have to keep my finger in his mouth too. I am so afraid he will just bite one of these days. Any one that knows Zak knows to never put a finger in his mouth. He is so gentle with Callie’s fingers though. It is adorable.

Callie has been working on moving and talking. She is always busy doing something. She has so many noises I just love it! She knows she is getting to be such a big girl too. She is still 110% motivated to move and get brother. She still gets mad when she gets to her tummy and cannot crawl yet. She is such a determined little girl and just keeps trying. She still needs to work on her sleep though. Last night she slept 1 hour! Seriously, where does she get this from. We love our sleep.

The two weekend will be spent with Family as we celebrate Marriage! My cousin is getting married this weekend – Finally! I am so proud of her. She has been busy with Med school. I don’t know how she planned a wedding on top of it. The following weekend is Chris’s sister’s wedding. Chris, Zak and I are all in it so we will be very busy running around. For the grooms dinner Chris’s parents are having a huge pig roast – YUMMY. They do such a great job too.

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