Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays are already here?

Where on earth has time gone. I remember growing up wishing time would pass quicker and the school year would be over. Now I can only wish the days would slow down. I honestly have no idea where the past week and a half went.

Two Sundays ago my church Saint Andrew Lutheran did a soup dinner fundraiser for the 'Build from the Heart' Project. We are so grateful to belong to such an amazing congregation. We anticipated raising around $3,000. I recall looking around the room one hour into the event and it seemed like life was going in slow motion and I could not hear a thing. The room was packed, not an empty seat to be seen. This is for our family and the community room that will be added onto the house. All of these people are here to support us. We are so thankful for such a wonderful community. Once I got home I received a phone call from Church telling me they raised over $6,500. I was so excited I don't think I slept much that night.

Tuesday night we met with the Cabinet designer and picked out the wood and color for the kitchen cabinets. Definitely an exciting point in building. The floors are almost all picked out and then onto paint colors. Plumbing fixtures have been arriving and we just got the call appliances are in. So exciting.

Chris left for hunting last Thursday with his father and uncle. Although they had a good time - they did not come home with any deer. They got home late Monday night and will continue to hunt around here. The kids and I just hung out all weekend. It was so nice just to be with them and not worry about anything else. It is the first time in a long time I have actually been able to do that. Zak helped me set up the tree.. and by help I mean pulling on it . It was very cute as he would crawl under the tree and pull. Callie was sleeping while I set it up. When she woke up and the lights were in I don't think she knew what to think. She just stared at it for a few minutes. Now I just need to decorate it.

Unfortunately once again Callie is sick. Another cold and she has shared with Chris and I this time. The doctor put her on oral steroids even earlier this time to see if it would help avoid the near line hospital visit again. It has already been a long winter for her and it really has not even started. We go to the clinic on Friday so I am  hoping for a good report on weight gain.

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