Friday, September 4, 2009

Surgeries Scheduled

Both kids will be having surgeries.. again!

Zak went to the eye doctor on Tuesday. He is going to repair the eye that feel last week. He also decided to repair the other one even though it is ok. Who knows if it will fall the day after surgery or 3 years. With our luck I am sure it would be sooner rather than latter. This way they will both be done at the same time and look the same too. Surgery is scheduled for October 23rd.
We also saw his pediatrician for his pneumonia. She changed his antibiotic since he still had a fever. We are already seeing a difference in him. Also, he gained a half pound since surgery. Way to go buddy. We also followed up with ENT and everything is looking good. Hopefully he will start to eat this weekend.

As for Callie. She had a MRI today and it appears the fluid in her brain is the same as it was just before her last surgery. Therefore the surgery did not work which we knew could happen. She will need to have a shunt place. Surgery will be on Tuesday. She will for sure need to stay one night. Hopefully that is all.
Callie also had a great week in the weight gain. She gained 5oz in 6 days! She is now up to 7lb 8oz. We are finally outgrowing the newborn clothes.

We also got our Nanny back part time!! Our peds doctor was not very excited to know Zak was back in day care. With him just having surgery, one on the way, pneumonia and Callie she did not think that was best. That same day our Nanny called and said she can work part time. We will miss all of Zak's daycare teachers and we know he will miss all of his friends, but we cannot wait to have our nanny back for some 1-1 time while we are at work.

Tonight is movie night in the house. We can all finally sit down and watch a movie. No nurse tonight so hopefully the kids will sleep!

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  1. We're keeping the little ones in our prayers along with you.
    I love this blog, what a great way to keep up with the happenings.
    Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Thom