Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No more Teeth

We took Callie in for a dental check up yesterday. Our pediatrician has been watching her two bottom teeth pretty close. They came in at 4 months old and since she was early they consider her 3 months when she got them.. too early. They just have not really looked right. So we went in to our dentist again and he said they need to pull them before they get worse. So we went in today to have them pulled. It took about 5 minutes and come to find out one was already abscessed..so it was a good thing we got it taken care of.

Also, I talked to the heart doctor. The good news is no surgery for 8 weeks. However the doctors in Milwaukee do think she will need it at some time, but are hoping time will help us. Either she will get bigger which makes surgery easier... or as she grows maybe it will just get better and surgery will not be needed. We continue to say our prayers for her health.

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