Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Callie

Where did the time go? Callie Turned 1 on the 11th! We had her party this last weekend. She sure liked her frosting

It has been a long year. A roller coaster to say the least. Callie is an absolute joy to be around. She is finally starting to feel good and is full of smiles! It is great to see her happy. I thought things would be easier the second time around, but Callie has had her fair share of challenges. When she was born she could not breather through her nose. Day 6 she had nose surgery to open her air way. While she was in the NICU she also had her Frenulum cut, at 3months old she had her stints removed. Soon after we learned she had fluid in her brain and it was brain surgery (a 3rd ventriculostomy). We learned shortly after the procedure did not work and she would need a shunt. She also had eye surgery at the same time. Finally we made the decision for a feeding tube which also meant more stomach surgery to fix her reflux. We also decided to do ear tubes at the same time. Over Christmas Callie had her two bottom teeth pulled. Hopefully 2010 can be a better year.
Callie is almost sitting on her own. She is finally laying her tummy a little more and sure is showing her likes and dislikes. She is very interested in what is going on around her and I like to think she knows who Mom, Dad and big brother Zak are.
Look how far we have come in a year!

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