Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Glasses

Zak got new glasses this week.. Isn't he adorable! He has had glasses since he was about a year old. He just won't keep anything on his face. And if someone else has glasses on, he takes them off. We have not worked with him on glasses for about 6 months now and he has out grown his old ones. It was time to get a new pair and see if we can get him to keep them on his face.
This week was a good week.. and now we are all sick! Ugh. We had a meeting with the school District on Tuesday. Our head nurse came with as she has a lot of experience with nurses going to school with children. Our school district has never had private nurses go to school with a child so there was a lot of information to go over. It sounds like it is a go! We also decided Zak won't be ridding the bus any more. We are going to have nurses or us take him to school after we identified it is not the best solution. If Zak was to start gaging to get gas out (since he cannot burp after his stomach surgery). They would pull over the bus and call 911. By the time they got there it could be too late. Zak needs to be vented right away to avoid any issues with his stomach surgery or aspiration. We did not find this out until now that no one of the bus would vent him. I was not happy to say the least, although we have a solution for the rest of the school year.

Thursday we took Zak to MN for his Shriner's appointment and to see how his wheelchair is fitting him. They were very happy with everything. It is such a different experience from most doctors appointments. They are 100% geared to the children and families. They have the attitude of we will work with you and do what ever it takes. I just love the environment. We did have a few minor modification to his chair. Next year when we go back (or even maybe sooner) he will need a few more extensive changes as he grows. It is definitely worth the drive. We were also able to stop in Woodbury and do a little shopping.. Of course we stopped at my favorite store. Carters! I think it is a good thing we don't have one closer. I just love there clothes for the kids as they hold up so well and when they are in the same size for so long we need quality.

Friday night we actually ventured out for dinner. We took both kids to a fish fry with Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma. I think this was the 3rd time in a year Callie had been to dinner. Both kids did very well. We did not have a night nursing - it is always a great reminder how thankful we are to have night nursing. We have always said we do agree it is a parents job to get up with there child at night. After all that is what parents do. Well Chris was up until 1:30 (while I slept). Then I got up with Callie (and Chris was able to get some rest). I was able to catch a 45 minute nap on my shift, but other than that did not get any sleep. Callie is getting a cold and just was not a happy girl. People always ask us how do you do it and our typically response is you just do what you need to do. Nights like Friday are the nice reminders that I ask my self, how did we ever do this when both kids were getting up all the time and we both work full time? Thank god for our nursing staff or that is still what we would be doing. Granted we still get up a few times when we have nurses, however it is to check on the kids when they cry or get Zak calmed back down. But we get to go back to sleep rather than stay up for another 5 hours.

Yesterday was Egg Roll Day! We made home made egg rolls with Chris's parents. There is just nothing like a homemade egg roll! Yummy. We had lots of left overs to put in the freezer.

Today is a day to relax since both kids and I have colds. Hopefully Chris won't get it. I just cannot wait for summer. Although it has been a healthier year for us.

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  1. Sorry to hear that illness is spreading! Those glasses are too darn cute! I hope Zak keeps them on. We will catch up soon!