Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Medical

Yesterday was another eventful day in the Teeters House. Chris got up early to do his morning workout. I am woke from a deep sleep with him saying you need to get up NOW. I pop out of bed "what.. what" to find out Callie's g-tube feel out and we don't have a back up Mickey button. UGH! Now What? Chris remembered the doctor gave us an emergency back up just in case this would ever happen. Poor little Callie is full of gas from crying, we have no idea how this new gadget even works, but we will figure it out. So in it went. All of this followed by a twitching episode. Oh my. I really thought how could this happen. Hasn't she been through enough for one day? So as soon as the doctors opened for the day I was on the phone with Madison. her Benadryl was not doing anything. I patiently waited for a call back while I called into the home medical supply to tell them I needed a new mickey now. Come to find out they do not stock them so I had to wait a day (which is typical with the economy). OMG this poor girl. So I tell them to order two.  Finally I get a call from Madison and they told me to give Callie an extra does of her Neurontin. Her neurological medication. Shockingly.. the twitching stopped. Oh my gosh. Something worked. I was so excited. It only lasted 12 hours compared to the normal 36-60. Is that all it is? If so what a miracle. How nice would that be!
So today Callie's mickey (g-tube) came in and we had to go pick it up. They did not even give us 2. They were really going to only give us one and keep the other stocked. I told them no way. I will keep it stocked at my house unless they want a call at 3am to get to our house in 5 minutes. Seriously, so if this one falls out what are we going to do. It is not our fault it broke in less than a week. By 5pm I left with 2 thankfully! Chris put in Callie's mickey. I can do Zak's and it does not bother me at all. I just really hate doing Callie's. It is so new and the pain in her face breaks my heart. Chris is so strong and just knows what needs to be done.
My hope is the next few days are clam and Callie can have a good birthday.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear poor Callie had to go through all that. And you guys too! "hugs and prayers continue"