Monday, May 31, 2010

Another busy month is finally over

It has been a heck of a Month. Thankfully it is finally over. May was a busy month full of appointments - over twenty to be exact. Last week was the last of well checks - Callie's appointment went well despite her having a cold and teething. She is up to 14lb 5oz and 25in long. She is progressing in here development and continues to roll to her tummy and try to get on all fours. She has scooted backwards a little. She will crawl forward when helping her and she will scoot on her back. It has been very exciting watching the progression.

This weekend was spent with Friends from Minnesota. It was a hot 90 degrees in Wausau! We set up the little kids pool and the kids jumped in. Zak did amazing! Every time he wanted to lay down he would feel the water in his face and sit back up. I was so proud of him!

Tomorrow is Callie's Heart check. We pray it goes well and her heart continues to remain stable or or better that is it is getting better. I will be sure to post as soon as we get home.

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