Monday, May 17, 2010

Giving Back

I am finally finding a few minutes to post.. it has been a busy week finalizing things for the weekend events!

Last week we had a doctors for Zak’s ear. He does not have a perforated ear drum as once thought. Thank god! His tubes are still in and doing well. Great news. ENT was very happy with how things were looking. We also got a catalog and some ideas for Communication devices from School. It sounds like Zak has been doing very well with some devices they have at school. We hope to have them in the house before summer is here so we can continue working on things.

Callie has a new sound..if we call it that. We were so excited!! A HUGE step. She can put her lips together and make a spitting noise. It is so cute and she is so proud. She also continues to roll to her tummy and try to get on all fours. She is pushing so hard and gets so mad when she cannot do what she wants to. When we are able to get under her quick enough and help her get up she has actually scooted on her knees a few times. I see a future of a child proof home soon! Zak has still been working hard on his crawling. He will take about 3-4 steps at a time at least once a day. He really needs to be motivated though until he realizes that crawling is so much easier then rolling.

This weekend was very busy! Friday we went to one of the girls house to help finish up the final details of the FUNraiser on Sat for Noah’s Never Ending Rainbow. I can honestly say we just socialized more while the other girl worked.. oops. Saturday morning we took the kids with and did American Heart Walk. Thank you to everyone who donated this year. We had our best year yet! What a great cause and something that is so close to home for us. The kids did great. We ended up walking 2 miles. We had 2 co-workers and their families with us and 2 nurses and their families. If you are interested in walking with us next year please let us know.

Then it was off to help set up for Noah’s, get an oil change and then back to Noah’s for the actual event! It went great. Dana sure does a wonderful job of heading everything!! We also took the kids with us so people could meet them. There were 2 other children and their families there as well. It was great just to catch up with everyone! Hopefully this year the kids will be doing well and we can make it to the Chicago or Green Bay events. If you are interested in more details for any of the locations please let us know or check out Noah’s Never Ending Rainbow on line and get in touch with Dana!

Sunday was recoup and catch up with Family. Chris’s cousin was in town with his wife since they will not be able to make it home for Chris’s sister’s wedding. It was great to see them even though the time goes by so quickly. I know how hard it is to get everything done in such a short amount of time. Then Chris’s other cousin came over to hang out. She is finally home from College and on the hunt for a job! Congrats on Graduation. Anyone know of some good civil engineering jobs in the Wausau Area?
And today.. well more doctors. Thank god May is almost done. We have 20+ appointments this month between the whole family. Thankfully nothing major, that is June 1st (Callie’s heart apt). This month is the dental, eyes, wellness checks, therapy and the list goes on. Today was Zak’s wellness check for his 5 year appointment. We also brought Callie along since her eye has been really red. Everything went great!! No infections!

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