Sunday, May 2, 2010

Storybook weekend

We took Zak to the Storybook weekend in town at the Grand on Saturday. It was one of our best friends daughters 3rd birthday. Zak got to hang out with lots of little girls! Before the show they had tons of activities. Zak decorated a cookies and then we had a caricature done of the three of us. Everything prior to the show was Free! WOW.

After the show the kids were able to get some pictures with the cast. Zak was the only boy brave enough to sit with all his girl friends :)

Then we had snacks and Cake! Yummy. They had huge balloons for the storybook weekend and the lady running the show let the kids take the balloons home. Zak loved playing with them (so did mom). We got to take a huge Orange one home. What a great day!

Then to top it off we met up with some friends for a late dinner at Change Garden where they grill in front of you. It was great just to catch up.

To top it off Callie slept 8 hours last night. Way to go Callie!!! 7p-3a :) Zak woke up this morning with out a mickey (g-tube) in. I tried to put it in, however it had been out to long. I just hate pushing on it. Fearful of tearing it somehow so I got Chris up. After about 10 minutes Chris finally got it in. I was a bit worried we would be making an early trip to marshfield this morning.

We started seeing the Promo for the show that will be aired about our family on Tuesday. We have kept channel 9 on most of the time when we were home. We did not get to see it. This morning I was sitting playing with Zak and heard something about Chromosome Abnormality and thought oh cool, and popped my head up. It was about us!!! How exciting. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

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