Friday, November 9, 2012


Callie was admitted to Gillette Children's today for an infection. On Thursday she went to our pediatrician as the incision on the back of her neck was infected. The doctor ran a blood test however the incision was not draining anything to even get a culture. They did give her an antibiotic injection to hopefully get ahead until we received the results. Over night she spiked a fever of 104 and the incision started to drain. After Tylenol and ibuprofen the fever came down to 101. I called the pediatrician again to update them, however the results were not back yet. I also called Gillette just to let them know what was going on. After talking with the Gillette doctors this morning they decided the best thing was for us to come to MN and get admitted to the ICU where they know her best (as it relates to this surgery). We arrived in MN around 4:00pm. They were able to get a culture of her neck right away. The ICU doctor was going to put in a PIC line right away however anesthesiology would not approve the sedation as she has not been with out food long enough. We had to do an IV. The reason for wanting the PIC line was we could at least go home with that and do IV medication at home. They did get the IV in and were able to draw blood from it right away. All the labs have been sent in. They do have her on the IV antibiotics now as we wait for the results to come in. We are hoping tomorrow to get some answers.

Please say prayers for a speedy recovery so we are able to go home.

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