Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bus Ride!!

Zak rode the bus for the first time this school year! He missed the first week of school since he had pneumonia. Last week Grandma took him to school and picked him up. Now he is taking the bus to school. He is the only student on the bus on the way to school. The babysitter and Grandma pick him up. He would have a 45 min ride home..not an option for him. Every time the bus stops he cries. It would have made for a long ride. I have been getting good reports from school, he seems to like it. He has 5 kids in his class right now. He has an Teacher, Aid and many therapists in and out. It is great to have a routine for him. Then he comes home and is with the baby sitter until we get home from work. She has been working on reading books, art project, Napping in his crib (HUGE step), and therapy.

Zak getting on the bus with the bus driver and school aid helping.

I thought this picture was adorable. Zak is sneaking up on Callie. He still thinks she is an animated doll still. We have been trying to work with him lots so he understands she is fragile. We even bought him a toy doll to see if that would help. We keep telling him someday she will be big and then it will be pay backs. Daddy loves to play the so big game with him. He will say "How big is Zak? So big. How big is Callie? So Small." It always puts a smile on my face. It is so cute.

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