Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are Home

Callie is home from the hospital. We are ready for life to get back to "normal". What ever that means. Hopefully things will slow down and the kids can get healthy.

We had a terrible night in the hospital. I hope we don't ever have to go back any time soon. Callie gets night nursing when we are at home. The team knows her so well that we are finally getting a little sleep. She still gets suctioned from her nose surgery and she is on a strict feeding plan so it can make for some long nights at times. Try adding the pain from surgery and wow, it can make for a long night. By 3am I still had not slept, after asking for help from nursing I was told they could check in, but there was not anyone to stand by her bed and keep her calm or just rock her. I was ready to cry. This same thing happened to Chris one month prior- I now understood the feeling of helplessness he went through. I just thought to my self is there anyway we can just break out of this place and get home where we have help. I was able to catch little cat naps before she would scream again from the gas pains. Partially from surgery, the other part from crying since she was in pain from the surgery. Finally 7am and Neurosurg made the rounds and said from his stand point we are good to go. The surgery is working as her soft spot is going down. It is up to the peds doctors on the floor. I started packing our bags immediately.. we were going home. I did not care what anyone else had to say. Thankfully they were on board and discharge could start. She has been doing well throughout the day at home and finally starting to eat better

Grandma came down early in the morning and brought Zak with. We had his foot x-rayed since we heard a loud pop on Sunday and he still will not bare-weight. Thank god it is not broken. Hopefully soon he will be feeling better.
Yesterday was his first day of school since he missed the first week with his tonsils being removed. We received great report. I know he always love going there to play with his friends, teachers and therapists. He has another great team this year so we are excited to watch his progress.

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