Monday, September 28, 2009


It is defiantly Cold season.. not only outside, but at our house. Today it is much cooler outside. I am sure the nice weather will be back soon. Zak came down with his first cold of the school year. I am sure it is from getting his flu shot on Friday. It seems like every year this happens. He was so nice to share with Mommy too. Poor guy when he is sick he gets so much gas and just gags from the flem with his Nissan (stomach surgery he had for GERD). He is quite the trooper though. We are hopping Callie does not get it.

Zak is up to 28 pounds again. He likes to eat now that he is fully recovered from his tonsil surgery. Keep it up big boy! What a difference that has made is his sleeping too. Callie is still around 7lb11oz. The poor girl is getting plenty of calories but just burns so much trying to eat. She is also getting more playful since she has been feeling good.

We now have a big decision to make about Callie’s weight. We have been putting off a feeding tube, playing the waiting game. We are finally to that point. Several doctors have asked If we have considered it. Of course we have, we just are not ready. We have had some very long talks with our GI doctor. He has even called us at home on several occasions. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He truly takes everything into consideration. Last week Chris and I finally agreed to move forward with a feeding tube. Callie had a rough week with an ear infection, antibiotics which lead to lots of stools and reflux. Now we need to determine if the reflux was more because the antibiotics or just because she is finally eating more.. or just because that is her and that is the way it is. Unfortunately no one knows the answer. Where is the magic ball when we really need one. So now we have begun the discussion if she needs the Nissin.. after even more discussions (yes all in one week) we said fine, go ahead. Our GI doctor said we should meet with the surgeon and himself again before we move forward. I just wish this was a simple decision like it was for Zak. This time it is not a cut and dry decision. I think this is one of the hardest choices we have had to make regarding our kids medical care. Thankfully our doctor is amazing and we trust his judgment. It is in God’s hands to guide us and I know it will work out in the end.

On a good note.. Chris and his Dad went out on Duck opener this weekend. They each got a Duck and were home in time to enjoy the afternoon. I love that they can go out and bond and just get away for a bit. Then Chris went up north on Sunday with some Friends and they got 2 more after getting stuck in the mud. There is always a good story that comes out of every season. So needless to say, thanks to Kathy cooking we had duck on Sunday. I still cannot stand the smell of it cooking in the house. I am sure there will be plenty more weekends of hunting.. tis the season. Also, Sat night we got out with the whole Family. Chris’s cousin and wife were in town from CA for the weekend. It was nice to see everyone and get out of the house for a while. Both kids did good, but were defiantly ready to come home.

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