Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Smiles :)

Callie had Huge smiles on Friday! We have been able to get her to smile lots now. Of course you have to bounce on a yoga ball and talk silly! She just loves it. Then we laugh and she smiles more. So exciting. I love these days. They are so special

It was a long weekend again. Callie was having another one of her episodes of twitching. It has been about a month since the last major episode. She has had a few small ones, but nothing over concerning. I just feel so bad for her when she gets them. She will twitch and cry. 36 hours later she snapped out of it and had no voice from screaming so much. It breaks our hearts.
Zak did great. He played by himself staying entertained with all his toys. By Sunday afternoon we could tell he just wanted his turn of all the attention. He is such a good boy. He sure loves to kiss now. He still kisses like the puppy dog. Maggie (Grandma and Bumpa's Dog) loves to kiss him. I still think that is where he learned to kiss from. When we ask for kisses he will give a little one on the chin and when you say thank you he gets all excited and licks your whole cheek. I got a good face wash this weekend. All I could do was smile, Laugh and give him a huge hug!

Thank you everyone for Keeping us in your prayers. This will be a big week at our house. We have to be in Marshfield Wednesday morning at 6:00am. Surgery is scheduled to start at 8am. The doctors have agreed to put Callie in the PICU for recovery with her history. We are expected to stay in the hospital 3-5 days. Hopefully she will recover quickly and we can get home sooner rather than later.

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