Thursday, October 29, 2009


Callie is going home today!! She will be on oxygen. We still have a long road ahead of healing and hopefully getting off oxygen. Now she should be able to grow and get some rest when she wants!

Zak is doing good. The swelling has gone down a lot where we can actually see his eyes now. We kept him out of school again on Tuesday and Wednesday to heal and rest. Today and Tomorrow they are off for Fall break.

I cannot wait for the weekend to come to get back to normal as we know it. Not to mention to see my husband longer than the 30 min pass by and report of Callie. One of my close friends is bringing us dinner and a pumpkin pie tonight – YUMMY! Ma has made us some meals throughout the week so we have food to come home too. It is so nice to eat some good home cooked food instead of hospital food and Subway. Thank you both!

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