Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When are we going home?

We are ready to go home.. Callie is not sure if she wants to yet. Of course she needs to make sure she has seen all of her favorite nurses before we go home. Monday night she was taken off all oxygen and did fairly well until this afternoon. She was put back on oxygen. Just a small amount, but another small set back. We want her to come home so bad, but her safety is much more important. It is hard running back and forth and not spending much time with Zak and little to none with Chris. Every time I get my hopes up we are going home her stats (oxygen levels) drop the slightest. The doctors talked to us tonight about everything. We now have a feeding plan in place and it has been communicated to our general pediatrician. I had to laugh. The surgeon (who is filling in from another hospital and does not know us at all) thought we might be a bit aggressive on the feeds. The ICU doctor thinks we are fine and since she is monitored in the ICU wants to push her a little. After all the goal is to gain weight! It is possible she is just so full everything is pushing on her tummy and that is why her stats are dropping. All of her tests come back fine which is a really good sign. We finally got oxygen ordered to Have at home.. I am so excited! No, I don't want her to be on oxygen obviously, but to have it as a back up and know we are fully prepared if either one of the kids stats drop.
It has been busy the last 2 days at the hospital. They have been full in the PICU which means the nurses are very busy. We had neurology in to do a follow up and make sure everything is good, ENT stopped for a post surgical visit and our Pastor came to visit! We had a great visit... thanks for stopping by!
Chris and I are both holding up as best as we can. We still are rotating shifts every 24 hours or so. Trying to work, take care of Zak and be at the hospital for Callie. It truly is a juggling act. We all do what is necessary for our family and children though.
Finally off to bed for a few hours anyway.

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