Saturday, October 31, 2009

Settled back in

It is so nice to be home! Callie is doing ok. We have not been able to get her off the oxygen yet. She still has a nasty cough, but her lungs are clear. No one in the hospital even knew what it was about. We dropped her feeds down 10ml (1/3 of an ounce). She seems do be doing much better. When they did the surgery they used 1/3 of her stomach to wrap around the esophagus yet we are feeding her 1/3 more. Think of overeating for 5 meals a day and being told you need to eat all night. I cannot even imagine the feeling, yet that is basically what we are making our daughter do. We need to get her stomach to stretch out so she can handle the larger volumes and put on some weight. We go to the clinic on Monday for a check up. It will be interesting to see if she has gained some weight yet.

We took Zak out trick-or-treating today. Not Callie, she stayed home with our nurse. Originally she was going to be a caterpillar and Zak a bug catcher. Chris thought of that one. I cannot even take the credit. Needless to say we cannot be taking Callie out and we did not have time to make Zak's costume. Plus the sound of a bug catcher with out any bugs did not sound right. So Grandma bought him an itsy bitsy spider costume. He did not like the gloves or hat, but it was cute! When Callie is feeling better we will put her in the caterpillar costume just to take pictures.

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