Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doing good

Finally things are calming down a bit. Yes, there is still plenty of excitement though. Last night we saw a big difference in Callie. We were able to turn her oxygen down even more finally. She is now on the lowest setting and her oxygen levels are staying at 95. (anything above 90 is good). When we turn it off she drops to 85-88 though. Hopefully all we need is a little more time. She drank juice for her first time today and actually liked it. She has not wanted much in her mouth since surgery so it was nice for a change. Last night she liked laying on my shoulder. It was so nice just to cuddle with her again. She is almost off pain meds too. We just want our little baby girl all back and feeling good again. We are almost there!

Zak is so funny. He just starts laughing for no reason. I only wish I had half the energy he does some times. He is learning more each day..becoming such a big boy. His new thing is to push down your chin so you open your mouth. You would think he is going to jump on in. He gets so close just looking in your mouth. If you shut it he pushes on your chin again until you open. We did this for nearly 10 minutes. Wow, your mouth can get soar. At least at the dentist you get a little break and can shut your mouth.


  1. We're so happy to hear things are calming down in your world. Give the little ones hugs and get rest when you can.

  2. I'm glad to hear everything went well and that the children are doing great! I bet they are growing so much!