Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Reports!

We had Zak's conferences today. I am so proud of him. The teacher and therapists all had great things to say about him. They think he is really starting to understand basic tasks and is doing a good job interacting with the kids. I always love to hear stories about how they all interact together. I just have to laugh when they say he would rather play ball with kids his size instead of the adults. Then tonight Grandpa stopped over and played with Zak. Daddy and Grandpa are always good for a few tosses in the air. Zak was laughing and giggling so hard I could not help but laugh. I actually remembered to grab the video camera for a change.

Callie to had a great report! We finally made it to 8 pounds!!! She was 8lb 2 oz.. YIPPIE!! Granted I wish she could stay tiny forever, however reality is she is much healthier when she grows. I let our pediatrician know we would be going for a second opinion with a neurologist. She was ok with this, also said she is going to talk with our current neurologist and see if there are any medications she thinks we can try when Callie has her twitching. Hopefully they can come up with a plan. At this point I am willing to try anything.


  1. So happy to hear you're getting good reports.
    We pray that they can find something to help Callie. Keeping you all in our prayers.

  2. Lori Hanson says...
    YEAH CALLIE AND ZAK. I am so proud of their accomplishments. Tell them to keep up the good work and I'll see you all soon.