Monday, November 23, 2009

So happy!!

What a great weekend! Both kids have been so happy for a week now. This weekend was absolutely amazing. I was able to spend time with both kids and just play - it was so much fun. I did not want the weekend to end. Chris left to go Hunting on Thursday. I was a bit nervous they would be a handful. God was watching out for us! Callie has been full of smiles and Zak just laughs ( I think to hear himself make noise). They really are such a blessing. Also, both of my kids have taken up a new love.. eating! I really am not used to feeding kids so much. Not to mention diaper changes come along with that. I have had 4 people in the last week comment how Callie's face is filling out. We are already taking bets on what her weight will be on Wednesday. 2 weeks prior she was 8lb 2oz. As much as I hate to see my little baby grow up it is so exciting that she is putting on weight and looks so much healthier. Zak is also begging for food every chance he gets. We will feed him dinner sit down to eat and he is right at our feet.. along with the puppy. It just makes me laugh.. then he laughs and we just giggle back and forth. Last night he thought sleep was over rated. He went to bed at midnight.. got up at 4am. WOW. Where they get there energy I will never know.
I also got my tree up this weekend. Zak was interested in it at first. Then when I put on the ornaments.. he loved it! All of his special ornaments are on the bottom. He likes to hide under the tree and pull on his ornaments. We even had to tie it to the wall.
Chris got home today.. no deer. Seems to be the story with everyone. What the heck is going on? He hopes to get out latter in the week.

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