Monday, November 2, 2009

Plugged up

Callie did ok this weekend...until her newly placed tube got plugged up. No food in, no gas out. After trying to get it cleared for 10 hours we ended up at the clinic to find out her prevacid medicine to treat her acid plugged it. Then while the doctor was working on the tube I looked down to notice.. an ear infection! Thank god for ear tubes. To think the standard is 6 ear infections in a year. We are on number 4 in 2 months. I am very thankful the doctor decided to put the standard aside in Callie's case and put in ear tubes.

Callie has been very cranky today. We are trying to get her off of pain medication and the tummy pain from being plugged has not helped the cause. Not much will sooth her. She is still on oxygen, but seems to be doing better. We tried to give her a bath since she is able to get her incision wet again. She was not even happy sitting in the bath water, which usually she is.

Zak is going to be out of school for his third week. Our doctor thinks it is best with everything going around and Callie still healing. It is getting hard to figure out the schedules though. Zak's eyes are starting to heal and he is feeling good!

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