Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Callie's Heart

We did not get the best news today. Callie had another heart follow up. We really were expecting to hear good news. The pediatrician thought her heart was sounding a little better. She is finally growing, which in Zak's case was when he turned around and things got better. Unfortunately that has not been the case with Callie. Her heart continues to get worse. This time the doctor is sending her images to the Milwaukee team since they are the surgeons. At this point out doctor is hoping we have a little more time and we can wait another 6-8 weeks for another check up but she wants there opinion. With the path that she is going there are 2 different surgeries she could potentially have. One that is just a one day in and out that would be like a balloon stint to just stretch out the pulmonary valve - the problem with this is we don't know if it will work. It might just buy us a little time and that would mean another heart surgery. The other is an open heart surgery that would put us in the hospital for about 5 days, but hopefully that would be it and we would be done. So we just wait now for the Milwaukee team to review the images and discuss what they want to do.
We ask everyone to say for an extra prayer this Christmas for Callie's heart to get better. Both Callie and Zak are truly our little Miracles and we are so thankful to have them. It is in Gods hands now and either way we know she will be ok as God is looking over her.

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  1. Annie - As always your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Let's once again remind ourselves our lucky we are to have great healthcare (even though at times we question that). I am thankful that Callie has a team of doctors working together to determine the best solution.

    Merry Christmas!