Monday, December 14, 2009


It was a success.. Callie’s Mickey button (g-tube) went in very well on Friday. She has been doing well with it. She does not like us to touch it yet, but I don’t blame her one bit! So She laid low most of the weekend.

Santa came to visit us on Saturday. The kids had a few other friends over as well to see Santa. It was great to see all the excitement and fun with all the kids playing together and parents socializing. They all heard Santa bells and it was silent. Waiting to see who would sit on Santa’s lap first. I just love having everyone over as we had some friends over that we have not seen in over 6 months. I just wish our house was bigger so we were not all squished in. Either way it was Great!!

I think with all the excitement on Saturday Zak was wiped out. He slept most of Sunday away, he even slept fairly well through the night. This morning at 5am he was up and ready to go!

This week we will finish up any last minute shopping. For the most part it is all done and wrapped. Christmas Eve will be at our house this year with Chris’s Family. Only 1 week and 1 day and I am off work until the new year. I am so excited to just spend some time at home with the kids. Chris was out in the woods again this weekend. Only for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. He saw a few deer, but decided not to shoot anything yet.

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