Friday, December 11, 2009

No Go..Trying again

Callie went in yesterday to have her tube (mickey button) changed to a new one yesterday. She still had a long tube that was stitched into her tummy from surgery. This is how we have been able to get additional food into her and chunk her up a little. It was supposed to be taken out yesterday and a new one placed. This would be the same thing Zak currently has in his tummy. However, the surgeon put a small tube in.. so small we are not able to get that size in a more permanent mickey button. So we had to order a Mickey the next size up. Our GI doctor was going to try and change it out in the clinic, however it was just too big for the tiny hole. Bummer. So needless to say Callie did not get her new mickey button yesterday. She is scheduled to go in again today. This time it will be with sedation so she won't feel the pain. Seriously why didn't the surgeon think ahead a little. He knew we wanted to keep the feeding in as a permanent thing after the surgery. Now our GI doctor is left to pick up the pieces. He is absolutely amazing - we know we are in great hands now.

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