Monday, December 28, 2009


We had a good Christmas this year! Christmas eve was spent running around during the day and visiting with some good friends! Then off to Church - I can honestly say we really have the best Christmas service around. I just love our Church service on Christmas (and of course the rest of the year when the kids are healthy enough, and we got some sleep to get up and go). We have the two best pastors around. Yes I do speak highly of them :) Then Chris's family came to our house for appetizers and gifts. Zak is so much fun this year to watch him open gifts. It brought such a huge smile to my face to watch him open gifts. His tongue sticking out in concentration. Paper all over and boxes and bows on the head. I am such a proud mama!

Christmas day was spent at the nursing home with Grandpa and Chris's Family. Crock pots of food were hauled up and a room reserved. It was nice to be with Grandpa for the holidays. It was convenient to have it at the nursing home so we could be with Grandpa for the day.
The weekend was spent trying to recoup and clean up. Then Sunday my Mom and Brother came to celebrate we us.. It doesn't get any better than a week to celebrate!
This year was truly a year to celebrate and be thankful! It was nice to have an opportunity to give back. At work I help head up "Santa's Stocking" We adopted 2 families and several women. Employees donated 150+ gifts, we raised money with a bake Sale and BBQ lunch and donated to local organizations. It all ended with a wrapping party. The part that really touched me was to see how generous everyone was. If a person asked for socks they got 2 huge packages, if it was a pan for brownies they got 2 pans and brownie mix. It was nice to see all the excitement.
We also have so much to be thankful with the kids. They really are miracles. All of the "little" things are such huge accomplishments. It is fun to see them grow and change. Every day it seems like we notice something new. We also have our family and friends to thank for all of the support and prayers. We have some very close friends and family that have supported us through everything. Just an e-mail to say we are thinking of you when you feel alone or a call to just say I have a funny story to make us smile. And of course the many of meals this year when things were tough. We would come home and have a meal on our table - anything we did not need to cook and was not hospital food or out of a box.. except for the Chicken Marsala we were introduced to :) LOL. My new favorite easy meal to make. So a BIG thank you to everyone!

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