Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it Snow!

It is the first big snow fall of the year!! How wonderful! I love it. Ok, well I love it more when it is all cleaned up. I love having a white Christmas, I just hate driving in it. We got 11.5 inches and now the winds are blowing. Chris was out at 4:30am helping his dad plow. Then he worked this afternoon and is heading out again this evening to plow. I on the other hand worked from home and enjoyed the view! Actually I did get up early to shovel a bit and play with Sammi. She just loves having snow kicked in her face. I don't get it, but she will bark at you until you kick it into her face. Here is the view from the house!
Also Callie went to the clinic today for her weight check. 9lb 13oz!! Way to go Callie. It is great she is putting on the pounds, however she is not growing the best in length. They are watching that closely. Nothing to worry about now, but as she gets older they may need to start her on growth hormones. Only time will tell. I love to give her a bath and actually see a little meat on her bones. It is so cute. Today's Bath - She loves to cover up with the wash cloth.
Zak has also put on some good weight. He has hit the big 30!!! Both of us this year. (of course mine was age). WAY TO GO ZAK!! He was 30 exactly. I was so happy. He has been eating great lately. He still does not stop moving. He has started to take 2 steps crawling and when he really wants something he goes for it and just pounces on it. He is not afraid to fall at all. Last night he slept in his bed the whole night! What a big boy! It was so nice. The night before on the other hand. Well he gave Callie's nurse a big scare! He did not want to go to sleep so we put him in the jumpy as usual when he won't sleep (which is is way to big for, but have no clue what to do). At about 10:30pm she came running into the room to let us know Zak feel out (which he has learned to get out now). Feel on the floor and puled out his mickey (feeding tube). We put it back in, but he was a little fussy. An hour later he still did not want to sleep. Nothing was working. So he played on the floor and bit. It was 4am before he decided sleep would be a good thing. Up at 7 for school! It made for a long day.
Zak did not have school today with all the snow so he got to spend the day at home. Here he is in the gait trainer

And more pictures just because they are so cute I could not resist. Zak loves the camera. Every time I take it out he sits up and smiles

Big Smiles from Callie

All Ready to go to the clinic in the cold.. SO CUTE

And we can not forget Sammi. All tucked in with her buddy pound puppy

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