Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Putting on the pounds!

We are no longer talking ounces.. Callie is gaining pounds! Last Wednesday we were into the Clinic for her 9 month appointment. It was also 5 weeks post opp. She was 7lb 13 ounces going into surgery.. she got back up to that weight 11 days post opp. 5 weeks after surgery she was 8lb 15oz. We took bets on how much she would weight. Chris won, he was the closest. Then today she was in to meet her GI doctor to figure out the plans of changing out her g-tube to a mickey button. in 7 days she was up to 9lb 6oz. As much as I hate to see my kids grow up it is so exciting to see her finally gaining weight. Everyone has been commenting on how her little cheeks are filling out.

We just ordered her mickey button. We are hoping towards the end of December beginning of January we will change it out. The current tube she has is stitched into the inside of her tummy and is a long tube that hangs out. The new one will look just like Zak's. Just a little button that sits on the tummy. We have to weight to get thew new one in since it is a custom order as she is so tiny.

Zak has started to make new noises. Last night he saw a book he wanted on the couch and stood up to get it with no one around.. so exciting and so scary! He doesn't really know how to fall other then with a big boom, however it was so exciting to see him get up on his own. He sure is a man with a mission!

Chris had good luck hunting this year. There was no deer up North this year, however he was lucky enough to get one close to home. Thanksgiving Morning! He got an 8 pointer!! Zak even liked it too. We spend Saturday cutting, canning and grinding. We are all done now. He is really looking forward to going on bow hunting. Hoping to shoot one more. Then we will be set for the year.

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